About Us

A work place, a few writers, and hot, humid climate! That was the start of life long friendship to a group of enthusiastic, high spirited working women. Marriage and children did not come in the way of this fruitful association, because as long as they were together, all they cared about was friendship..

Through the daily rigidity of life, they realized one soulful truth - that all in this world are momentary, except one thing – Friendship! 

About a year ago, this group of 5 working women came together to create a blog for food, to give shape to their inherent love for food, eating and cooking.  When they started adding their original recipes to the blog and sharing them with their friends, they soon realized that, after all, cooking is an art! This art form is what is brought to you in this blog - Taste Destination.. 

And as the name suggests, it is the ultimate destination for all the food lovers, who want to cook and eat at home.. 

Welcome to our world of delicious, home-made food !