Monday, April 5, 2010

Chola Poori

Maida – 1 cup
Banana – 1 Medium size
Curd - 2 laddles
Milk - 2 laddles
Sugar - ¼ spoon
Salt - As required

1. Peel and mash banana into a paste using hands.
2. Add all ingredients and the banana paste to the flour.
3. Knead the flour well.
4. Then add water (little by little) to make a thick dough as done for usual poories.
(Be cautious! Do not add excess water, the dough will become soggy).
5. Close with a lid and leave it for half an hour.
6. Make balls from the dough and roll it into rounds (like poories). The size can be according to your taste and convenience.
7. Heat oil and deep fry! Serve hot with chenna or any other gravy, cut lime and sliced onions.

Instead of banana, bread (2 slices ) can be added. Remove the brown crust, soak in milk kept for adding to the flour and then add them to the flour.

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