Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mango Delite!

Neelum Ripe mangoes (small sized) - 5
Rasam Powder - 3 tsp
Tamarind - Big lemon sized
Jaggery - Little (optional)

Seasoning - Mustard, Red Chilli, Jeera, Curry Leaves, Asafoetidia

1. Slit mangoes on two sides with ends jointed.

2. Soak tamarind, salt, jaggery in little water.
3. Keep a vessel on fire, add little oil and season. Once the mustard crackles add in the cut mangoes.
4. Mix well so that oil and seasonigs gets coated to the mangoes.

5. Extract tamarind juice and add to the mangoes. Add rasam powder and pour enough water so that mangoes are immersed.

6. Close with a lid and cook in low flame. Keep stirring in between so the mangoes gets cooked well.
7. If it becomes thick, add in more water.
8. Check in intervals if the mangoes gets cooked. Once done and if the consistency is like the usual sambhar remove from fire.

  • Can be served as an accompanient for rice!!!!
  •  In case you do not wish to have full mangoes, then slit them into three pieces.
  • Neelum mangoes (as it is said it is available in south India mostly) can be replaced with any other kind of mangoes.
 Submitting to Mango Event of Siri and hosted by Kaarasaaram


Award given by Reva of Kaarasaaram , the host of Mango Event as a token of appreciation for participation......

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  1. This is yummy.... Using whole mangoes without slicing into small pieces is new to me but sounds very interesting though:) Thanks for sending them to the event, otherwise I would have missed your blog... Glad to follow u:) Keep posting some great recipes..
    Take care,