Monday, August 2, 2010

Bhutte Palak ka Saag

This is also one life saver, when your fridge is empty :) :)


  1. Palak or Spinach - about 300gm - chopped coarsely
  2. Baby Corn - 125 gm (I use frozen)
  3. Garlic - chopped very finely - 1 tbspn
  4. Oil - 1 tspn
  5. Salt
  6. Cumin powder - 1 tspn
  7. green chillies - slit length-wise - 2-3
  8. Fresh Cream - 2 tbspns
  1. Add the cut spinach to boiling water. (Dont add salt at this juncture. It makes spinach loose its color sometimes. )
  2. Let it boil and loose all its raw flavor and boil thoroughly, but still stay green
  3. Strain and let the spinach cool.
  4. Blend the spinach in a blender, till you get a hideously green, lush paste.
  5. In a heavy bottom dish, heat some oil. (you can use garlic oil for more flavor)
  6. Add in the cumin powder and saute for a min.
  7. Add the chopped garlic and saute till brown.
  8. Add in the blended spinach and cook for about 3 min.
  9. Add the baby corn kernels and cook for 3 more min
  10. add salt and stir for a minute more
  11. now add in the fresh cream, stir well till you see ripples
Serve Hot with Bread or Rice!!

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