Thursday, July 21, 2011

Banana Sizzler

A very easy dessert, provided you eat bananas


  1. Ripe Bananas - 3
  2. Sugar - 50 gm
  3. demerera sugar - 30 gm
  4. Butter - 45 gm (1.5 tbspn)
  5. Star Anaise - 2-3
  6. Single/Double Cream - 1 tbspn (Optional)

  1. Slice your bananas into vertical slices
  2. Place a heavy pan on heat, and add some butter (1tspn). 
  3. After the butter melts, place the bananas on the pan and let them cook for about a minute on each side
  4. let them slightly brown and crisp on both sides
  5. now in another dish, make a sugar syrup out of 50 gm sugar and about 40 ml water. make the syrup of 1 thread consistency 
  6. add in the star anaise in the end and close the dish with a lid, after taking the dish off heat. This will help it infuse. 
  7. Meanwhile in the same pan, heat the remaining butter and let it brown. 
  8. Add in the demerera sugar and let it cook well. 
  9. Now take this syrup and pour it on your bananas. 
  10. Pour some of the sugar syrup, with the star anaise on, also. 
Serve warm, with icecream or cream !

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