Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tomato Olive Salad

This is the healthy version of a greek salad.
1.    Tomatoes – the hybrid ones, that have less juice in them - 5
2.    Black Olives – pitted and cut, stored in brine
3.    Salt
4.    Pepper
5.    Red Onions – pinely chopped
6.    Fresh Mint Leaves – 2, 3 sprigs

1.    Cut the tomatoes into 8 pieces each, removing the seeds
2.    Take a big mixing bowl and add the tomatoes to it.
3.    Take out the olives from the brine solution and add them to the tomatoes
4.    next add in your chopped onions and mix well.
5.    Sprinkle salt and grind pepper on.
6.    Garnish with mint sprigs
Serve cold/room temperature

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