Thursday, July 21, 2011

Walnut Cream Fusili with Garlic Bread


1. Fusili Pasta – Boiled and cooked according to instructions on the packet – 250 gm
2. Walnuts – 100 gm
3. Garlic – 5 cloves, chopped finely
4. Olive Oil – 1 tbspn
5. Garlic infused olive oil/Herbed Garlic Butter – 1.5 tbspns
6. Fresh Coriander – 5 to 6 tender leaves
7. Salt
8. Fresh Ground Black Pepper
9. Milk – 5 tbspns
10. Whole Wheat Bread Slices - 2


1. Heat a heavy bottomed dish on the stove, and toast the walnuts, till they release their fragrance.
2. Let them cool down and then put them in a blender along with few of the garlic cloves and the milk and blend into an almost fine paste. (it should still be about 5% coarse)
3. Drain your Pasta and keep some pasta water for later.
4. Add the walnut paste to the pasta.
5. Add some salt, and grind some pepper on.
6. Mix well and garnish with the tender coriander leaves
Garlic Bread
1. Heat another pan and pour little of the garlic butter/garlic infused olive oil on it and let it smoke.
2. Put your whole wheat bread slices on it and let it brown on both sides
Eat your pasta with the garlic bread !!

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