Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chilli Butter Spaghetti

This is an all time quick solution to a hungry stomach. Easy, healthy and tasty! Pasta, the Chinese style !
1. Spaghetti – 250 gm - cooked in a big vessel of water with necessary amount of salt
2. Chilli flakes – 30 gm
3. Unsalted butter – 50 gm + extra for garnishing
4. Vegetable oil – 2 tspns
5. Garlic – 3-5 cloves minced
6. Black Soy sauce
7. White chilli vinegar
8. Chinese cooking wine
9. Salt
1. Heat the oil in a pan, and add the 50gm of butter.
2. Let the butter melt and then add the chilli flakes and minced garlic, and cook for 2-3 min
3. Now add a splash of the black soy vinegar and Chinese cooking wine
4. Add noodles and cook for another 3 min
5. Garnish with a little more butter
Serve hot!

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