Monday, March 29, 2010

Recipe for eternal happiness - especially for TV !

1 Glass of Water
1 cup of coffee
Google Talk


Have a big glass of cold water
Keep a kettle of hot expresso coffee, and a cup.
Keep drinking this coffee whenever you feel you are staring at the system too much.
Login to Google Talk and keep in touch with friends like me, so that life is much simpler!!

See your life take a magnificient turn!! :D


  1. Excellent receipe....

    Unfortunately she will see this only when i tell to see....

  2. u gals take too care of me
    thanks a lot for ur care and advice no kidding alrite.
    FYI: I work very little

  3. Still.. u r on the system for so long that we wont find u in ur seat after a few days, becoz u'll be inside that machine!! :D

    Thats why u shud keep in touch with the real world, with real people :D