Thursday, May 27, 2010

Carrot Manchurian

Carrots – ¼ Kg
Corn Flour – 4 spoons
Rice Flour - ¼ cup
Chilli Powder - 2 spoons
Onions - 2 Medium sized
Tomato Sauce - 3 to 4 spoons
Chilli Sauce - 3 spoons
Soya Sauce - ½ spoon
Ginger Garlic
paste - 1 spoon
Grated Cheese - To garnish
Spring onions - few (optional)
Oil - To Deep Fry
1. Slice carrots into thin long pieces (2 inches length).
2. Half cook the carrots, drain and keep it aside.
3. Mix corn flour, rice flour, salt, chilli powder and salt with little water. Make a thick batter enough to dip the carrots.
4. Heat oil in heavy bottom vessel, dip the carrot pieces in the batter and fry them.
5. Spread on a tissue to remove excess oil.
6. Chop onions and spring onions into small pieces.
7. In a fry pan, add little oil, ginger garlic paste and onions.
8. Sauté them till onions turn golden brown.
9. Add in the sauces, few pinches of salt, and mix well. Cook for few minutes.
10. Add the fried carrot pieces to the gravy and mix well. Add spring onions.
11. Cook on a low flame until the gravy gets coated to fried carrots and becomes dry.
12. Remove from fire and garnish with grated cheese.
1. Use of chilli sauce can be altered based on your taste for spiciness.
2. Just the fried carrots can also be served with tomato ketchup. Kids will relish it.

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