Thursday, July 22, 2010

Middle - Eastern Gherkins

Fusion Food again ! .. Easy, healthy and takes very less time to cook


1. Raw Gherkins/Gentleman's Toes - 250 gm, cut length-wise into 4 each
2. Peanuts - a handful
3. Ground Nutmeg - 1 tspn
4. Oil - 5 tbspns (20 ml)


1. Heat oil, about 10 ml, in a heavy bottom, wide mouthed dish.
2. After the oil is heated up substantially, throw in about a handful of the cut up gherkins
3. Let them fry up in the oil, till they are golden and the seeds are all brown and crisp
4. Do the rest of them in more batches
5. after you fry the last batch of gherkins, tip in the peanuts and fry till they get brown and glazed.
6. Take everything into a dish and sprinkle the ground nutmeg.

Serve hot with rice, bread or just eat as it is!

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