Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Bengal gram flour- 1 cup
Sugar- 1 ½ cup
Oil (refined or groundnut)- as required
Ghee- as required
Cloves- as required
Cardamom- as required
Cashew nuts/Almond - as required
Raisins- as required


Sugar syrup
In a pan add required quantity of water and 1 ½ cup of sugar. Heat the syrup until it comes to string like stage. You can even add little drops of milk to the syrup so that the dust in the sugar will come up along with froth and can be taken aside. Once ,the syrup reaches the string like stage stop heating.
Add required water to the Bengal gram flour so that it is in batter (dosai) consistency. In a tava pour the oil and little amount of ghee and heat it. Pour this batter over the “jalli karandi” and pat it so that the boondhi falls on the oil and get fried. Take the boondhi immediately to avoid over crispiness.
Take little amount of ghee and fry cashew, raisins, cloves.

Once the boondhi is finished add it to the syrup and finely stir it. Leave it for 10mins . Then add fried cashew, raisins, cloves and powdered cardamom and make it into balls.

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