Monday, July 25, 2011

Fettuccine with Pesto


1. Fettuccine pasta – 250 gm
2. Garlic – 4-5 cloves
3. Mint leaves – 30 gm
4. Italian basil leaves – 50 gm
5. Parmesan cheese – 20 gm (optional)
6. Salt, pepper
7. Olive oil – 1 tbspn
1. Cook the pasta as per the instructions on the pack
2. Drain the pasta, keep some cooking water aside
3. In a blender, add the leaves, cheese and the garlic and a few drops of olive oil, and make into a liquidy paste. (If you r doing it in a blender, then put all the ingredients, except oil and process it until crushed, and then, while the motor is running, pour oil down the funnel and blend thoroughly. Personally, for pesto or any pasta dressing, the food processor method is the best. )
4. When the pasta is cooked, add in the pesto dressing and combine throughly and well coated
5. Now a few more drops of olive oil if necessary
Serve warm/hot

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