Monday, July 25, 2011

Haloumi Green Salad


1. Haloumi cheese – 200 gm (A cheese made from mixing goat and sheep's milk. It is saltier than other types of cheese). Slice up the cheese into squares.
2. Spinach – leaves cut in half – around 6-8 leaves
3. Spring onions – 2, chopped roughly
4. salt and pepper
1. Olive oil – 2 tspns
2. Juice of 1 lemon
3. Whitel wine vinegar – 1 tspn
1. In a mixing bowl, place all your vegetables and keep aside.
2. Heat up a pan on the stove, and start placing your cheese slices.
3. Brown them on both sides. This process will take 3 min. There is no need to use oil. The cheese browns by itself
4. Then add these pieces to the vegetables.
5. In another bowl mix up all the dressign ingredients and then pour over this dressing on to the vegetables and cheese.
6. Add salt and pepper
Serve at room temperature !

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