Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aubergines in Bechamel Sauce


  1. Aubergine - 1 big vegetable - 200 gm
  2. Butter - 50 gm
  3. All purpose flour - 50 gm
  4. Milk - 100-150 ml
  5. Salt
  6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 50 ml
  7. Garlic Cloves - 3, minced
  8. Fresh ground black pepper (optional)
  1. Cut the aubergine into flat pieces, to be grilled
  2. In a tray, pour in about 1/4th of the oil and mix about 1/4th of the minced garlic. Stir well, so that it is mixed evenly
  3. Place your aubergine slices in the tray and coat them well with the oil. I dont add salt at this stage, as i feel the aubergines tend to become softer than usual and more soggy if I add salt already
  4. Heat a griddle on the stove, and when the oil is smoking hot, place each slice on the griddle and start searing 
  5. the vegetable should turn deep brown on the edges and will turn soft in the center. Griddle on a medium flame. 
  6. after griddling all the vegetable slices, keep them aside.
 Meanwhile, start making your bechamel sauce. 
  1. in a heavy saucepan, add the butter and place it on heat, to melt. 
  2. after it melts, add in the flour, stir to make a paste
  3. Take it off the heat and add in the milk gradually. 
  4. stir to get a thick consistency, without lumps. 
Place all your aubergines in a big bowl, and add in the bechamel sauce. Coat all the slices with the sauce. Serve warm with a bowl of red chilli Crackers ! 

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