Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Amazing Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

These came by apprehension, some very hardworking nerves and my love for chocolate.


  1. beetroot - 250 gm
  2. unsalted butter - 50 gm. 
  3. Dark chocolate bar - 100 gm, chopped roughly
  4. caster sugar - 125 gm
  5. 2 eggs
  6. all purpose flour - 50 gm
  7. dark, luscious cocoa - 12 gm
Preheat the oven to 180 C
  1. chop up the beetroot roughly, and in a big non-stick dish, place them with a little water, to cook them for about 15 min, till they are soft and tender 
  2. tip in the cooked beetroot, the chopped chocolate and the butter into a blender and blend till it is a nice dark brown puree.
  3. put the sugar and eggs in another bowl and whisk till the mixture is pale, thick and foamy.
  4. add in the beet-chocolate mixture and fold in carefully. 
  5. sift in the flour and cocoa
  6. pour the mixture in to a lined brownie tin and bake for about 25-30 min. The cake tester may not come out exactly clean, but the top will be the crust that you see on a brownie.
Serve warm as it is, or with chocolate syrup, or with ice cream, or all three ways ! :)

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