Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bhindi Dahi ka Salan

After a long time, a mild spiced recipe. I don't know the origins of this recipe.. Its definitely not punjabi. And definitely not Gujarati. Oh well, who cares - its really tasty

  1. Ladyfingers - 10-15 , cut in half and then slightly split length-wise
  2. cumin seeds - 1 tspn
  3. methi seeds - 1/2 tspn
  4. corainder seeds - around 5-6 slightly crushed
  5. cinnamon bark - 1/2 inch 
  6. gram flour - 100 gm
  7. corn flour - 15-20 gm (optional; Even small amount can be substituted as gram flour. I use corn flour completely for this recipe. But its your choice)
  8. Turmeric - 1/2 tspn
  9. Red/Pink Onions - 1 medium sized, made into a paste 
  10. ginger - 1/2 inch - chopped finely
  11. garlic - a little less amount than the ginger - chopped finely 
  12. Red Chillies - 4-6
  13. Garam Masala - 1/2 tspn
  14. Dahi/Yogurt - 250 m, whisked to perfection, without any water
  15. Salt 
  16. Fresh coriander leaves - for garnish 
  17. Oil for cooking - 2 tbspns
  1. In a pan,  heat around a tbspn of oil and start frying up your spices (jeera, methi, cinnamon, coriander seeds, chillies)
  2. after they release their aroma, add in the ginger, garlic and onion paste. Cook for 2-3 min, till the paste and other ingredients are cooked. 
  3. for this recipe, the ladyfingers are generally fried separately; But I prefer doing a 1-pot dish. So add in the ladyfingers, stir and let them cook for about 5-7 min, till they are tender, but still in color. 
  4. in a separate bowl, add yogurt, turmeric, gram flour/corn flour/both and whisk thoroughly till all lumps are gone 
  5. To this, add in salt, and add this yogurt mixture to the already cooking ladyfingers. When you do so, remove from heat for a brief time. 
  6. on low heat, keep stirring and cooking for about 10 min, till the mixture thickens
  7. add garam masala and add salt, stir for another 2 min
  8. Garnish with coriander
Serve Hot with Rice ! 

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