Friday, June 17, 2011

Instant Dosasssssssssss

Similar to our popular 2 Minutes Maggi..... We can also relish our traditional dosaaasssss... Using the various flours at home our grand maa's and mother's have been doing it.. Few of those preparations are:

Maida Dosa

In a bowl take All purpose  flour or maida (apprx 1/2 cup makes 4 dosas), little jeera, curry leaves, pinch of asafotedia, salt and cut green chillies. To this add required quantity water and mix well. Consistency should bit watery than the normal dosa batter. Add oil and toast them well..

In the above batter you can also add little rice flour while preparing the batter.

Godumai Dosa

In the above recipe substitute wheat flour instead of all purpose flour and follow the recipe.

Rice Flour Dosa

To rice flour, add chillies, jeera, salt and little bit of curd. Then add in water and prepare the batter.

Gram Flour Dosa

Take equal proportions of rice flour and gram flour. To that add salt, chilli powder and curry leaves. Mix water and prepare the batter. Prepare dosas and relish....

While preparing these instant dosas, you should pour the batter on the tawa from outside to inside in a circular motion. The batter cannot be spread. Since the batter is watery, when poured it flows inside.

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