Thursday, August 11, 2011

Triple Decker Sandwich


  1. Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread - 3 slices for 1 sandwich
  2. low fat cheese - 2 slices
  3. chilli tomato sauce - a squirt
  4. mint leaves - a bunch - chopped finely
  5. fresh thyme - a bunch ripped off the twig
  6. cucumber - half - chopped into small pieces
  7. onion - half - chopped into the same size as the cucumber
  8. black kalamata olives - about 10
  9. tomatoes - 1, seeds removed
  10. carrots - chopped just like the cucumber and onions 

  1. heat your grill or your toaster until hot enough.
  2. meanwhile prepare your sandwich:
a. add all the chopped vegetables, including the mint and thyme leaves to a big mixing bowl and combine.
b. next take a slice of bread, place a slice of the cheese and place 2 tbspn of vegetables on it
c. top it with the second slice of bread 
d. place the next cheese slice and add the squirt of chilli tomato sauce
e. place more vegetables on top 
f. top it with the next slice

3. Now line your grill with a little butter/oil, and place this on the grill and toast till the sandwich stripes in gold
 on both sides.

Serve Hot !!  


  1. nice recipe but it would be much better if you add some photos with the recipe...that will make the recipe more eye catching
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